Interview with Laura Lawson Boatman, Creator of PEP

I’ve said it a hundred times:  divorce is a human process with a legal document that comes with it. Navigating the “human” part requires more than a lawyer. That’s where friends, family and therapy come in. Also, Positive Energy Psychology (PEP) can help too In the video below, Laura Lawson Boatman will teach you all about it. I first heard the words “positive energy psychology” last summer while relaxing on my deck and listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton, PhD. He talked about the ways in which our attitudes can influence our overall health and how we can change our mental […]

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Smart Women

Book: Smart Women by Judy Blume

I don’t read much fiction. In fact, I tend to limit the genre to vacations only. Thus, in planning a recent trip to Cape Cod, I began looking for a book to read. At first I wandered through Barnes & Noble, waiting for something to catch my eye. On one of the tables, I discovered Judy Blume’s newest release, In The Unlikely Event. I picked it up and thumbed through it. It looked good, but it was too long for me to read in four days. Still, my search had been narrowed. I love Judy Blume, and I decided to […]

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Marriage is like a plane. Divorce is like a water landing.

Divorce is Like a Water Landing

Marriages are like planes. Divorce is like a water landing. On Sunday night, I watched the movie, Sully. For those unfamiliar, the film chronicles the story of (and the story behind) the US Airways plane that made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in January 2009. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger was the captain of that airplane. It was his expertise and quick thinking that saved the lives of those on board. To those on the plane, those in the media, and those watching at home, Sully was a hero. But his heroism didn’t come without criticism. Industry experts dubbed the incident a […]

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Celebrate the small stuff

Celebrate The Small Stuff

This week, I spent some time with a Celebrant. We discussed her work in helping people embrace a transition and personal transformation, and naturally I shared my enthusiasm for Divorce Ceremonies. It’s no secret, I feel downright passionate about marking the occasion of a divorce (we deserve to celebrate!). I often write and talk about the importance of ritual in our culture, and how a ceremony can offer closure as well as recognition of a new beginning. It’s a big deal, and deserves a big to-do. But, perhaps there’s something I’ve been missing. Because divorce is such a big deal, it tends to […]

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I Don’t Care What’s “Fair” In Divorce Settlements

When people talk about divorce settlements, they use words like “equitable” and “fair” and “good” and “get” and “normal” and “win”. Confession:  I hate those words. I hate them because they reduce the human process to simple mathematics and/or a prize to be won or lost. But really, it’s all so much more complicated, and also so much more simple, than that. Quick story: My ex-husband and I had a decent pile of assets. We owned two houses and a business that operated in multiple locations. To put it most simply, an “equitable” settlement would have meant that we both walked […]

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