self love challenge

5 Day Self Love Challenge

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and this can be a crappy time of year for anyone who’s not currently attached. There are many alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For instance, Eve Ensler’s V-Day Movement launched on February 14, 2012. And Single Lady Liz Lemon (30 Rock) chose to celebrate Anna Howard Shaw Day instead on the traditional Day of Love. This year, I’m opting for an alternative as well. I’m planning to spend 5 days indulging in Self Love, and you’re invited to join me. Because, let’s be honest, the only lifelong relationship we’re guaranteed to have is the one we have […]

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Guest Post: More Dating Tips

For those of you in Britain who are looking for some royal romance of your own, I’m happy to present this latest guest post from Ivana Vitali. Below are some helpful hints for anyone looking to begin dating after a divorce…

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