A Museum of Broken Relationships (yay!)

Stop the shredding! Douse the bonfire! Those heart-breaking mementos from past relationships can now be donated to The Museum of Broken Relationships:

Los Angeles will soon [open] its very own Museum of Broken Relationships to mirror the original museum dedicated to heartbreak in Croatia.

Although a Museum of Broken Relationships might sound a bit depressing, I see it quite differently. Reading the article linked above filled me with excitement, hope and even peace.

As a years-long fan of Separation Ceremonies, I believe its necessary to acknowledge and applaud the existence of the relationship in order to heal. We can’t integrate the experience by ridding our lives of all evidence in attempt to escape the shame of a failed forever.

By publicly revealing the relics of love-gone-wrong, The Museum of Broken Relationships sends a powerful message to the individual as well as society at large:  Those tokens aren’t trash. They’re pieces of history. History that was lived by real people who were transformed through the experience.

From crude tools to ancient art to fossilized fish, museums meticulously protect and display fragments of a world which no longer exists. They are houses of appreciation, reminding us to honor where we came from. And in some way, we’ve all arrived at our current position by way of a broken heart.

What would you donate?


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