Christine Gallagher, Divorce Party Planner

Once upon a time, not long ago, those who divorced did so in the dark. They endured shame and blame. They did not flaunt their new Single Status. The idea of a divorce party was unthinkable.

But times are changing (thankfully). These days, couples can be more creative when they divide their assets. There are various processes to choose from. There are different ways to share the home. Sometimes exes even continue to vacation together with their children and second spouses. And yes, there are new options to celebrate a divorce.

For many years, I’ve been a proponent of divorce ceremonies:  an event in which both parties exchange vows to respectfully release each other as they close a chapter of their lives. And for years, I’ve known about the close and more popular cousin of this practice:  The Divorce Party.

I tread lightly around the topic of divorce parties because I know the practice can take a dark turn, and I don’t believe that trashing an ex equates to a clean start. When I speak of divorce parties, I do so with caution:  “don’t throw darts at photos of your ex!”

Recently I read an article about Christine Gallagher, a Divorce Party Planner and author of The Divorce Party Handbook. After some additional research, I learned more about her approach. I decided that I liked her work. And I knew I wanted to talk to her about how she serves her clients in a time of difficult transformation.

Below is my discussion with Christine. In the video, you’ll hear how she came to offer her unique service. Christine also shared one of her favorite divorce parties (you’ll love it!) and some tips to help you plan your own celebration. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

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