Love Who You Want (Unless It’s The Ex?)

Warning:  I’m about to out myself regarding a controversial topic.


My Facebook Feed turned red this week, and for good reason.  I was happy to see so many of my friends show support for marriage equality by changing their avatars to various renditions of the HRC logo.  Among the textual blurbs:  “love is never wrong”,” anger leads to hate, hate leads to The Dark Side” and my personal favorite, “dogs don’t discriminate, neither should humans.”  These are all wonderful messages, and it fills me with joy to see so much support of equal rights for all who want to get married (and, if necessary, divorced).

So… why can’t this attitude persist through the divorce process?  If “love is never wrong,” then why do we fight it so hard after the romantic relationship is over?  Why do we feel compelled to despise The Ex’s new flame?  Why are children trained to disparage the “bad parent”?  Why are friendships and familial relationships dissolved simply because of what “side” someone is (or is supposed to be) on?  And why-oh-why do we allow these “sides” to form in the first place?

(I know the reality.  I know the humanity.  I know the answers.  That doesn’t mean we should stop questioning our protocol.)

Do we not realize the hypocrisy?  The discrimination?  The blatant disregard for fellow human beings?

Breakups suck.  And evolution is never easy.  But, shouldn’t we start taking our own advice?  If everyone has the right to love and be loved, shouldn’t that include exes too?

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