Book: A Family’s Heartbreak

I recently finished reading A Family’s Heartbreak: A Parent’s Introduction to Parental Alienation by Michael Jeffries and Dr. Joel Davies. To date, I think this is my favorite book about this very important topic. (do I say that about every book I read on this topic?)

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Dear Divorcing…

It’s January and lots of people are now working on fulfilling their New Year’s Resolution to get divorced. With that in mind, I’d like to submit the following letter to those beginning the painful/joyful path to freedom…

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Your Opinion: A Good Parent??

I’ve heard it many times: “My ex doesn’t see the kids anymore because he/she is too involved with his/her new family.”

The explanations might vary. Perhaps distance is to blame… maybe Mom and Dad’s relationship was so volatile that one of them felt it necessary to disappear… or I guess it’s possible that the new tribe is just more fun/engaging/nice/etc.

In one family, this person is celebrated for his/her love and devotion. In another family, the same person is cursed for his/her lack of the same.

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Poisonous Fairytales

Little girls have been raised to believe that Prince Charming will tirelessly travel to every house for miles and miles until he finds his true love… this, after mice are magically transformed into horses. We’re programmed to believe that those who love us (parents, siblings, lovers, fairy godmothers) will do whatever it takes… whatever that means.

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