Thanksgiving And Divorce

From the time I was very young, my closest extended family members were a minimum two-hour drive away.  With the exception of vacations, I saw them only on holidays and special occasions. Before my parents divorced, we had a routine for this time of year:  Thanksgiving was always spent with my dad’s family, and we alternated Christmases between my mom’s and dad’s families. After the divorce, I assumed my holiday schedule would remain the same, and it did.  For me, keeping the same routine was important for two reasons: In the beginning, there was a comfort in keeping the same […]

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Deck the Halls With Divorce Folly… But Preferably Not

January 5, 2015 is “Divorce Monday”…. ‘Tis the season for divorces Fa la la la la la la la la When couples stop beating dead horses Fa la la la la la la la la Will they make it quick and clever? Fa la la la la la la la la Or will the kids be scarred forever? Fa la la la la la la la la It’s that time of year:  For many weeks, miserable couples gritted their teeth and faked smiles through the pre-determined Home Stretch of their time together.  And now the Holiday Season has passed.  The pretty […]

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What About the Children?

“I’m really upset about it,” a woman told me after she learned that an acquaintance of hers was getting divorced.  “I mean, I hardly even know them.  But… they have children.  It just breaks my heart.” I bit my tongue and looked away. Now is not the time to get on your soap box, I reminded myself.  She’s entitled to her feelings.  Just let it go. While I maintained an even facial expression, the woman’s words infuriated me.  She openly admitted that she didn’t know anything about the situation and yet she assumed the divorce was a tragedy simply because the couple had […]

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Gina’s Diary: Dad’s Moving Out

When people ask, I tell them that “The D-Word” is not my personal story. And, that’s true. However, there are elements of it that were taken from my experiences throughout my parents’ divorce. Like Gina, I was also told of my father’s departure while on my way to what was supposed to be a fun summer vacation.

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Guest Post: Familial Evolution

This guest post comes from David Williams, who is sharing this story on behalf of a family member who can offer a full picture of divorce through her parents’ divorce and her own…

Familial Evolution – Perspectives on Divorce from Child to Mother

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