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Yesterday I attended the Make Divorce Healthier Symposium in Blue Bell, PA. And it was awesome. I’m still feeling a little… what’s word? high?… from the experience, which was more like an immersion. Between 7:30 and 4:30pm, I was surrounded by more than 130 other professionals who were equally dedicated to healthy divorce. For the first time ever, I told someone “I love divorce,” and was met with the response, “Me too!”

Wow. And, yay!

Throughout the day, I was inspired and encouraged. I listened to a presentation from Dr. William Doherty in healthy-divorce-definitionwhich he discussed divorce ambivalence and the value of discernment counseling for couples who are about to separate. I attended a session led by a lawyer and therapist, each with the common goal of setting appropriate expectations for the process. Another session was dedicated to the empowerment of spouses who’d previously chosen to run the household instead of an office. I facilitated a roundtable discussion about how coaching and mentoring can expedite a healthy divorce for couples as well as professionals. Outside my personal schedule, attendees addressed how to tell the kids, compassionate communication, intelligent/equitable financial decisions, parenting separately, modern law vs. reality, and much more.

Throughout the day, I connected with a plethora of lawyers, therapists, coaches, authors, mediators and financial planners. Our collective group talked about culture, language, generational concerns, teammates and tools to empower family members. We opened our minds, challenged our previously-held beliefs and deepened our wells of knowledge. Together, we were powerful and productive, determined to bring positive change to a traditionally not-so-positive process.

I feel immensely honored to have been included in such a groundbreaking event. And it was right here in Pennsylvania! Now more than ever, I can feel the old paradigm shifting. The Future of Divorce is here, and it’s healthy.




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  1. Tara, what a beautifully written piece! Thank you for this endorsement of the event and we are so glad you got so much out of it, both personally and professionally. So glad you are on our team! Cris.

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