Saturday’s Song: Sweet Child…With A Cello…

I’d like to dedicate today’s song to a friend of mine.  While she’s neither separated nor divorced, she embodies the qualities necessary for anyone who might be going through such a transition.  She’s a strong and independent woman who knows who she is.  She’s able to think critically and logically without letting emotions overcloud her thought process.  I don’t always like what she has to say, yet I continue to appreciate her perspective on the oh-so-many issues we discuss.

More than a decade ago, “Jenny” began taking cello lessons.  Although she was a serious student, she had a hard time finding a teacher who would take her seriously.  She was regarded as an adult student who didn’t have a future with the cello.  Instructors wanted to teach her enough to play and then focus their energies on their young prodigies.  But Jenny persisted.  She traveled as far as she needed to go to meet with mentors who could help hone her skills and she never gave up her dream. The further she follows her passion, the more doors open for her.    Today she is an accomplished cellist, having played at multiple weddings and other community events.

Last week, Jenny attended a large-scale workshop and concert for cellists.  She took a big chunk of time away from her day job and her family to invest in herself and grow as an individual.  I applaud her continued courage to stretch her limits, step out of her comfort zone and further complete the Woman She Is Meant To Be.

Today’s song is a new twist on a classic (it’s old enough to be a “classic,” right?).  This version features a cello, a guitar and some outside-the-box creativity.  I hope you enjoy Sweet Child O’ Mine



…Oh, and I’d also like to thank D for recently helping me replenish my beloved Guns N Roses CD collection 🙂

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