Reasons to Block Your Ex on Social Media

Social media has added a wonderful/awful element to our lives. We’re digitally connected while physically estranged from those we’re close to. We can easily become angrily (or amorously) entwined with people we’ve never met. And, we can both feed and receive information to/from The Ex. [Sigh] There are various reasons why separated couples might choose to remain connected on social media. The most popular reason is likely that they share children and social channels provide casual connection for all family members. And naturally, some couples who split amicably choose to remain friends and therefore keep their social connection. But there […]

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Social Media Use… Moving Forward

For my third post in the Social Media Series, I’m going to look toward the future use of these tools with regards to personal/family relationships. If you missed parts one and two (about the relationship and the separation), you can read them here and here.
So…the old relationship is over and the breakup madness has subsided. You’re ready to move on. Now what?

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Social Media And The Separation

The second part of my social media series has to do with the breakup process. What is the appropriate way to handle a divorce on the social scene?

I’ve seen countless status updates to say that individuals have gone from being some form of “coupled” to “single”. Sometimes those updates are accompanied by a personal note to offer more details about the situation or the feelings around the event. I suppose I understand the need for a public announcement. Sometimes it’s easier to say it once on Facebook than having to reiterate the same scenario countless times in person, on the phone or through individual emails.

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