crystal ball

A Relationship is a Crystal Ball

What does a relationship have in common with a crystal ball? In the beginning, relationships can be amazing. Everything seems perfect. It’s as if the partnership is like a glorious crystal ball in which a couple can see not only their past and their future  (one can never glimpse the present, it is a fleeting moment), but also themselves.  In the beginning, everything is so clear and so beautiful and so simple. …And then life happens.  Despite the best efforts to keep things under control, tempers flare and emotions run high between those whose hearts are interwoven.  As a result, the crystal ball is marred.  Never again will things be so […]

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Healing the Individual

“I don’t like being told that I can ‘do better’.  That’s not comforting; it’s insulting.” The words came from Stacy, a friend who recently ended a cohabitory (not a word, I know) relationship.  The end had been forecast for some time, yet it still brought anger and tears when it came.  The ache persisted beyond the moving-out process and the hole in Stacy’s life is still a painful reality. “If he’s so awful, that means I have bad taste,” she complained.  “And what’s wrong with me that I spent so much time with someone who is so far beneath me?” […]

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