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What if We Did Divorce Like We Do Marriage?

Previously, I asked the question, “What if we did marriage the way we do divorce?” The situation was somewhat silly, as the post was meant to inspire consideration. My true intention was to introduce a new question: What if we did divorce like we do marriage? Let’s start by reviewing a traditional wedding… when a couple plans their ceremony, they consult with various professionals. It’s likely they’ll visit multiple locations before deciding where to hold the event. They’ll spend some time at a bakery. They’ll price a few potential caterers and florists. Quite often, couples meet with a spiritual leader for […]

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Love Makes a Family

Recently, I was (finally) able to watch the HBO documentary A Family is a Family is a Family. I’m sorry it took so long. It really was a beautiful little film. Through interviews and musical interludes, the movie displays and celebrates the connection enjoyed by people of various ages, colors, genders and legal affiliation. The message is clear:  it doesn’t matter what a family looks like; what matters is love. Love makes a family.  Not biology. Love makes a family.  Not country of origin. Love makes a family.  Not the number of people. Love makes a family.  Not gender or […]

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Divorce and the Talking Dog

The December before my parents got divorced, they adopted a puppy.  Dekker was my Christmas present, and I couldn’t have been happier.  I wanted him to sleep in bed with me, but he was too small to go up the stairs.  My parents didn’t want him on the furniture, so I slept on the living room floor to be with him overnight. As his puppiness progressed, he went from being a tiny and quiet ball of fur to an active and destructive young lad.  In the Spring, he dug and chewed the linoleum floor in the kitchen. “We might not […]

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Guest Post: Familial Evolution

This guest post comes from David Williams, who is sharing this story on behalf of a family member who can offer a full picture of divorce through her parents’ divorce and her own…

Familial Evolution – Perspectives on Divorce from Child to Mother

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Gina’s Diary: The Holidays

Gina’s obviously stressing about the holidays. And it’s no wonder- holidays can be tough for children with divorced parents, especially the first year of separation. She brings up a few issues that are fairly common, and I know I struggled with them…

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