Season Of Loss And Uncertainty: This Sucks

Things are pretty heavy right now. The election. The virus. The fires. The hurricanes. Everyone is feeling it, to some degree. And sometimes having compassion for others can feel like walking on eggshells— it’s a lot of effort, and my energy is deeply depleted. I’ve been isolating a lot. It’s hard to know whom I can trust at this time. My emotional fuses are all pretty damn short and I’ve been crying a lot more than usual. Today I took my dog for a walk and I noticed that the path was littered with leaves. Not colorful-happy-crunchy leaves. These leaves […]

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What I Learned From My Favorite Ex

When I think about My Favorite Ex, I’m reminded of the quote from Jeff Brown: “You don’t measure love in time. You measure love in transformation.” When I was a senior in high school I dated the guy who would become My Favorite Ex. I continue to credit him with making me who I am.  Before Tripp, I was a good girl who didn’t question much about what I’d been taught:  get good grades, obey authority, don’t take drugs, don’t talk to strangers, etc. Tripp was different than anyone I’d hung out with before.  He went to a different, much larger, […]

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stones on the beach

Love, Loss, Life… Reflections From The Shore

Last month, BullyGirl and I took a vacation to Cape Cod, my favorite place on Earth. I’ve been taking guests there since the late ’80s, but it wasn’t until Ex-BF accompanied me that someone else loved the place almost as much as I do. It was with him that I made the best memories and felt the most at peace.

One of my intentions for the October voyage was to re-tread all of “our” places with my solo sneakers. Like my home, I had to make The Cape mine once again.

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Let Go: Nature’s Wisdom…

Hurricane Sandy passed through my area yesterday and last night. As individuals and businesses made preparations, I found the following snippet in my Facebook News Feed:

“Let the power of the winds carry away all that is no longer serving you.”
What a beautiful perspective! While we were all rushing to stockpile water and take cover, Mother Nature was reminding us to focus on what’s important and prepare to let go of what isn’t.

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