Book: The Two Roads to Divorce

The Two Roads to Divorce was written by Lenard Marlow, who has assisted in the divorce process both as an attorney and a mediator.  Experience taught him much, and, being familiar with both roads to divorce, he has done an excellent job communicating his knowledge to the reader. The book is written in the second-person narrative and reads almost like a series of short letters to a person embarking on the Journey of Divorce.  The relatively short chapters begin with a title and an appropriate quote.  Example: CHAPTER 3 WHOSE FAULT IS IT? Husbands and wives do not get divorced […]

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My Book Is Born: Meet The D-Word

A few times over the past couple years, I’ve let it slip around these circles that I wrote a book. It started on an unsuspecting day in July 2010. Suddenly, there were words in my head that begged to be set free, and so I started typing. For the next few months I sat at the keyboard and allowed the text to pour from my fingertips. When I was finished, I’d written the story of a divorce from the perspective of a twelve-year-old girl named Gina (I posted an excerpt from her diary earlier this week).

At first, I thought I was writing for young adults in Gina’s situation. It was several pages— possibly several days— before I realized that, more than anything, I wanted adults to read Gina’s story.

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Book: Falling Apart In One Piece

The easiest way for me to consume books is to listen to them while I’m driving my car. That’s how I absorbed the content of Stacy Morrison’s Falling Apart In One Piece: One Optimist’s Journey Through The Hell of Divorce. It made my daily commute a lot more enjoyable. And…at times… awful.

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Book: The High Road Has Less Traffic

Recently, I tore through (not literally, of course) “The High Road Has Less Traffic: Honest Advice On The Path Through Love And Divorce”, by Monique Honaman. And I loved it.

Throughout the 142 pages Monique tells her personal divorce story, beginning with her husband’s “pronouncement” that he no longer wanted to be with her…. all the way through her personal happy ending. Along the way, she touches on those things we all deal with: telling people, learning to be single and acting mildly insane.

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