Season Of Loss And Uncertainty: This Sucks

Things are pretty heavy right now. The election. The virus. The fires. The hurricanes. Everyone is feeling it, to some degree. And sometimes having compassion for others can feel like walking on eggshells— it’s a lot of effort, and my energy is deeply depleted. I’ve been isolating a lot. It’s hard to know whom I can trust at this time. My emotional fuses are all pretty damn short and I’ve been crying a lot more than usual. Today I took my dog for a walk and I noticed that the path was littered with leaves. Not colorful-happy-crunchy leaves. These leaves […]

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Trees preparing to let go

Before Letting Go, Do This

This afternoon, I took a drive. It was a gorgeous day featuring unseasonably warm temperatures, so I opened the sun roof, cranked up some Ani DiFranco tunes and hit the back roads. As I drove, a few leaves floated into my car, and I thought about the beauty of autumn and the lessons the trees teach us about letting go. And I realized, for as long as I’ve appreciated nature’s release of that-which-no-longer serves, there’s an element of the process that I overlooked. A rather important element: Before the trees release their leaves, they stop feeding them. It’s a simple fact that’s […]

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