Christian Divorce Support

Last night, I attended a support group for divorced people. Several months ago, I had seen a sign outside a church a few miles away from my house. Yesterday morning, I called the phone number for more information and decided to check it out.

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Label Libel?

I mentioned before that my mom is getting married again. She made the announcement about two months ago and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. I don’t know the guy. I only met him once, so it’s hella weird for me to accept the fact that this stranger is going to be my “stepfather”. But then, I also feel a glimmer of excitement because finally there will be an Official Title assigned to someone in my F-Word.

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Boarding School

Metaphorical True Story:

I started snowboarding the weekend after Christmas 2008. It was a rough start, yet I’ve improved quite a bit since that first lesson. I’ve always been very straight on the board… very conscious of every move I make… determined to remain upright…. and a bit freaked out by an uneven terrain. Earlier this week I started going faster and even tried the half-pipe. My confidence bumped up a notch.

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