Saturday’s Song: Here I Go Again

Twice over the past week, Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again has come on the radio in my car. Hearing it while driving reminds me of the days when I used to listen to the song on cassette while cruising in my Camaro. Now that I’ve said that, I feel the need to disclose that I’m not quite as old as that statement might lead one to believe 😉

Anyway… the fact that I heard the twenty-five-year-old (whoa, really??) song twice in the past seven days made me think it would be a good one to share here today…

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Saturday’s Song: Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

A few days ago, I wrote about the importance of having compassion for your enemies. Remember, when someone acts in a way that brings you misery, s/he is doing so for his/her own reasons which have very little to do with you.

Today’s song further addresses this topic and brings to light another important message: each of us is responsible for our own behavior. We have a choice of how to respond and how to regard the bullies in our lives. We allow ourselves to go down that path, or we can stop the cycle and refocus. We have the choice to invest our energy in ourselves, to chase our dreams and overcome those who push us around.

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Saturday’s Song: Who I Am

Today’s song has been repeating in my head for the past few days. I recalled it when I received an assignment from Life And Love Strategist, Laura Campbell (founder of The D-Spot) to write “my story”. It’s also an appropriate follow-up to my last post.

Who I Am by Jessica Andrews is a good piece to remind us to come back to ourselves during times of heartbreak or failed attempts at success. It reminds us to appreciate who we are, where we came from and recognize those who love and support us.

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Saturday’s Song: One Day At a Time

Towards the end of my marriage, I used to watch a lot of One Day at a Time reruns. My favorite part was the beginning, where Ann puts down her suitcases and jumps for joy as she’s leaving her old home to start over. When I finally left my home to start over, I wasn’t carrying suitcases, I was holding the leashes of two dogs. Such circumstances precluded me from immitating Ann’s moment of freedom. Still, I love the song… and the saga…

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