“…Never Be Like You”

All these Mother/Stepmother considerations over the past week have got me thinking… or, rather, remembering.

When Doug Supernaw broke onto the scene with this song, I was a divorced kid being shuttled back and forth between my parents. My mom had a boyfriend who helped us out a lot around the house… but he wasn’t my Dad. Even as an adult, this song still brings tears to my eyes.

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Who To Honor? By Whom? And How?

At the request of Drake and Josh, I purchased a gift for their mother over the weekend. My reflection on the experience has filled me with many questions and I’m wondering how others feel. Please chime in regarding any of the following…

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cold spaghetti

Cold Spaghetti

My mom cooked a lot of spaghetti after my dad moved out. It was an easy meal to make and all of us liked it. I prefer minimal sauce on my pasta, so Mom always left the red stuff in a separate pot on the stove. Dinner was a help-yourself kind of thing: grab a plate, butter, bread, noodles, sauce, drink, etc whenever you were ready and proceed to the table… eat, then put your dishes in the sink and return to your regularly-scheduled activities. The spaghetti sat on the stove into the evening before Mom would begin packaging the leftovers.

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Single Parent: True Title?

…Continuing on the topic of words I don’t like, the more I think about it, the more I don’t like the phrase “single parent”. I know I’m guilty of using it. I think we all are… but today I was bored in a meeting and started really examining the usage and implications of this phrase.

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Your Opinion Please: Partners of Co-Parents

I’m somewhat fascinated by people who think negatively of their ex’s partner– or even the idea of a new partner. If Mr./Ms. Smith has such bad taste in (wo)men, what does that say about Mr./Ms. Smith’s ex-wife/husband? (am I offending anyone?) The phenomenon seems to occur more often when children are involved- I suppose because one parent feels they are being protective. Is it protective? Or damaging?

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