Book: Stepmonster…

I’m not a stepmother, but I play one every other weekend.

Given the fact that I live with a man who has children, I was delighted to read and see myself in Stepmoster: A New Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel and Act the Way We Do, by Wednesday Martin, Ph.D. What a relieving, validating and motivating read!

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I Met The Stepsister

I mentioned last month that my mom moved in with her husband-to-be. I don’t think I mentioned the fact that he has a college-age daughter who lives at home. My mom is going to be a stepmother. My sister and I are getting a stepsister. For real this time.

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Where Does The Line Lie?

Last week, I overheard one woman tell another, “I’m having a hard time with him lately. When he goes to his dad’s, it’s anything goes. Then when he comes back to me he doesn’t listen and has a horrible attitude. And I have to be the bad guy.”

This past weekend, I heard a father (different family entirely) say, “I get so little time with my kids. I don’t want to spend it enforcing rules! I want them to be carefree and have fun so they have happy memories of their visits with me.”

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“…Never Be Like You”

All these Mother/Stepmother considerations over the past week have got me thinking… or, rather, remembering.

When Doug Supernaw broke onto the scene with this song, I was a divorced kid being shuttled back and forth between my parents. My mom had a boyfriend who helped us out a lot around the house… but he wasn’t my Dad. Even as an adult, this song still brings tears to my eyes.

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