The First Day of Spring

On Sunday I saw massive lines outside Rita’s Italian Ice. The throngs of people waiting in 50-degree weather in Central PA was indicative of a long-awaited annual tradition:  free icy deliciousness in celebration of The First Day of Spring.

This holiday of sorts represents more than flavored ice. The first day of Spring is also known as the Equinox, referring to the equal amount of day and night experienced across the planet twice a year. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our days have been getting longer since December, and now that we’ve passed the Equinox, we’ll enjoy more sunshine than darkness for the coming months. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

I see many similarities between the cycles of nature and the process of divorce. Couples typically experience a period of increasing darkness before reaching a turning point. Although separation comes with a glimmer of hope, families continue to struggle as the light returns slowly. Individuals shelter themselves as best they can from the cold uncertainty of the changed landscape. But then comes the Equinox and light finally overtakes the darkness. Warmth returns. Hope returns. And growth is visible.

As I type these words, birds are singing and daffodils are blooming outside my window. Somewhere out there, separated parents are enjoying a connected conversation while their children look toward the future with hope, excitement and optimism. A season of light has begun.



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