Farewell, Zig

Zig Ziglar passed away yesterday.   He’s the man who inspired me to start writing this blog.

My ex-husband had Zig’s Born To Win seminar on a series of cassettes.  In the spring of 2005, I was looking for something new to listen to on my ride to work, so I snagged the book of tapes.  For the next two weeks, I listened to Zig’s southern drawl as he told stories about priming pumps, boiling bullfrogs and the importance of programming your mind with positive thoughts.  I listened to that series of tapes a few more times before I got a car that didn’t have a cassette player… and then I bought a bunch of his CDs.

I listened to Zig often as my divorce process unfolded.  While so many people in my life were trying to “help” by dragging me down into that bitter-angry-geteverything mentality, Zig kept me strong and independent.  He reminded me that it was up to me to determine and fulfill my own desires.

A few years later, I was still listening to Zig.  I’d bought another of his books on CD and I was out for a drive one evening.  He offered a bit of advice for people looking to chase their passions:  “just keep moving toward it,” he said.  He went on to explain that, whatever it is you love, you should immerse yourself in it in any way that’s appropriate at the time.  If you like gardening, subscribe to a magazine, read the magazine, join a club, etc…  At the time, I’d been thinking and studying and talking a lot about divorce (and my friends and family were getting tired of listening to me).  So, I started a blog.  It was appropriate at the time and it’s been the foundation of further growth into the divorce community.

Zig was a devoted husband and a strong supporter of traditional marriage and family values.  I don’t know his official stance on divorce, but I imagine he wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic as I am about the topic.  I hope he wouldn’t hold it against me.  I’m so grateful for his insightful teachings, his integrity, his authenticity…

Rest in peace, Zig… enjoy the view from The Top.



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  1. I didn’t know this until I saw your feed. Strangest thing, I was thinking about him just last night. I had the privilege of seeing Zig speak live and met him in person in the early 2000’s. There are a select few books that I have reserved for my children to read later in life…Zig will be among those authors.

  2. I’ve never listened to Zig Ziglar but I’ve heard about him for years. I didn’t even know he was from the South. I think I’ll check him out. I know I will understand and relate to his accent. Thanks for writing about him.

    • Zig was born in LA (Lower Alabama) and was raised in Yazoo City, Mississippi. He used to say, “you become part of what you are around”- and he gave the example that if a southern person moves north, s/he will develop an accent… but if a northern person moves south, s/he will eventually start talking normally 😉

  3. I’ve heard of Zig Ziglar for years, too, but have never gotten to read or listen to any of his work. I really should. I just wanted to say that I could so relate to your comment about your friends and family getting tired of listening to you! Although my friends and family are extremely patient and supportive, I began to feel like it was unfair for me to keep talking their ears off day in and day out, and so I started blogging for that reason, too. Nice article!

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