My Book Is Born: Meet The D-Word

A few times over the past couple years, I’ve let it slip around these circles that I wrote a book.  It started on an unsuspecting day in July, 2010.  Suddenly, there were words in my head that begged to be set free, and so I started typing.  For the next few months I sat at the keyboard and allowed the text to pour from my fingertips.  When I was finished, I’d written the story of a (somewhat nasty) divorce from the perspective of a twelve-year-old girl named Gina (I posted an excerpt from her diary earlier this week).

At first, I thought I was writing for young adults in Gina’s situation.  It was several pages— possibly several days— before I realized that, more than anything, I wanted adults to read Gina’s story.  There are a ton of objective, self-help-style divorce books available and all of them suggest ways for grownups to behave.  Some of them are great books! …But, I wanted to offer something different.  I wanted to provide parents with a realistic tale that would allow them to view their experience through the eyes and mind of a child.

Ultimately, it is my hope that The D-Word, Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes will be read by parents (and therapists, attorneys and guidance counselors) as well as children enduring a familial evolution.  Its PG-level content is meant to inform and inspire, as well as open minds, hearts and dialog for anyone affected by a divorce involving kids.

Although the listing for the book is “live”, it’s not yet fully complete (except at the iUniverse Bookstore, but that’s also the most expensive listing).  This means you can buy it on Amazon (but there’s no image or search functionality for the hardcover version) and you can order it online through Barnes & Noble (no image or search function yet).  If you’re a fan of eBooks, you can purchase the title through iBooks, but not yet for your Kindle or Nook.  If you prefer, you can order a copy through your favorite physical book store (I’m guessing it won’t be in stock, but it will be in the master database).  Eventually, I’ll have my own stash from which I can sell signed copies (if the purchaser so desires)…  I’ll post updates on here (and Facebook and Twitter) as this process unfolds.

I’d like to thank all of you:  readers, friends, family members, divorce and coparenting professionals, regular Joes and Janes, etc for your presence, opinions, encouragement, support, advice, disagreements, comments, emails, videos, articles and real-life examples from which I could learn.  This book is for you (yes, you!).

Thanks to Chris Bower* for this, as well as my main blog/book/gravatar photo.

*Check out more of Chris’s work here.


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