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For those of you in Britain who are looking for some royal romance of your own, I’m happy to present this latest guest post from Ivana Vitali. Below are some helpful hints for anyone looking to begin dating after a divorce…

Dating After Divorce

What if you’ve dated for years, successfully hooked a partner, and then found out they weren’t right for you after all? With 45% of British first marriages ending in divorce, there are a lot of people out there wondering how to pick themselves up after a separation from a partner – and how to get back out there into the dating world.

Many people, especially those who’ve come out of long marriages, fear the dating scene will be totally different nowadays and they won’t be able to acclimatise. The good news is that this belief is largely unfounded. As Jane Austen shows us, even over the centuries the dating scene doesn’t change all that much. Here are a few tips for stress-free dating after divorce:

Use your single friends…

These are the people who will really know their way around the dating scene. Get a single friend to take you round the best bars for meeting someone, or to help you set up an internet dating profile. Dating will seem a lot less intimidating when you have a seasoned expert helping you out!

See opportunities everywhere…

You may have found your wife or husband in your twenties in a club, bar or party, but this is far from the only way mature people meet and date. You’re more likely to meet a new partner at an evening class, a concert hall, or theatre – or even using a dating app like Dating Insider! Many divorced people worry about their children getting in the way of dating, but actually the school gates, afterschool clubs, and the local swimming pool can be all be great places to meet new people in a similar situation. You’re not the only one who’s divorced with children and looking for a new partner – many people are in the same boat, and you may be more compatible with these people than those who do not have children.

Think about your ex as little as possible…

And never talk about them! Nowadays, everybody accepts that new dates inevitably come with their own baggage. But that’s no reason for unpacking it all between the breadsticks and the starters on your first date! Once your divorce is final, it’s best to think about your old partner as little as possible. They definitely shouldn’t be a factor in how you perceive your new date. If you’re always making comparisons, you won’t be able to appreciate your new partner.

Learn from your experience…

The good thing about dating when divorced is that you’ve had time to think about what you want, and what you don’t want, from a relationship. So, make a list of your known deal breakers and stick to them. The same goes for desirable characteristics.

Remember – dating after divorce can be a lot of fun. Whether you live in London, Glasgow or Bradford, dating online and in the real world are both a lot simpler than you think.

Author Ivana Vitali works to further the online promotion of eHarmony through her writing about dating and relationships.

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