“Don’t Get Angry, Get Knowledge”

Last evening, I had the extreme pleasure of attending an “Evening of Support, Information and a Vision for Your Future” in Westport, CT.  Featured speakers included  Susan Filan (attorney/mediator),  Jessica Bram (author: Happily Ever After Divorce:  Notes of a Joyful Journey) and Lili Vasileff (divorce financial planner).  They were joined by therapists Nancy Wergeles and Elizabeth Crossfield, who head up a local divorce support group.

The room was full of people seeking resources to guide them in their journey.  I thought the panel did a fabulous job explaining the differences between litigation and mediation, the need for financial planning as part of the divorce process, and the assistance and support a good therapist can provide.  And, perhaps the most important “lesson” of the evening:  “you will smile again”.

I think it’s wonderful that these fabulous ladies were willing to take the time to offer comprehensive advice about such important matters.  I know of many individuals who could benefit (or could have benefited) from such an experience and I truly hope that what I witnessed is only the beginning of a greater movement to provide hope, encouragement and knowledge to those embarking on such a critical evolution in their lives.

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  1. Thank you for coming, and thank you especially for the opportunity to meet the Divorce Encouragist unmasked! You solved the mystery of who was that terrific writer and courageous soul who called himself/herself “The Divorce Encouragist”. I really admire the strength of your convictions and your willingness to speak up for what you believe in. Let’s hear it for the end of tolerating unhappiness!

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