Collaborative Divorce Coach

Divorce Coach vs. Collaborative Law Coach

Earlier this month, I attended training for professionals looking to participate in the Collaborative Divorce Process. Collaborative teams typically consist of two attorneys (one to represent each party), a financial professional (neutral) and a coach (neutral). Since I’m a coach and an overall divorce enthusiast, I jumped at the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about this topic. I went, even though I’m not eligible to participate on a collaborative team. I’m not eligible, you see, because there’s a difference between a Divorce Coach (me) and a Coach in the collaborative process.  Let’s investigate… First, an analogy to illustrate the difference […]

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“Don’t Get Angry, Get Knowledge”

Last evening, I had the extreme pleasure of attending an “Evening of Support, Information and a Vision for Your Future” in Westport, CT.  Featured speakers included  Susan Filan (attorney/mediator),  Jessica Bram (author: Happily Ever After Divorce:  Notes of a Joyful Journey) and Lili Vasileff (divorce financial planner).  They were joined by therapists Nancy Wergeles and Elizabeth Crossfield, who head up a local divorce support group. The room was full of people seeking resources to guide them in their journey.  I thought the panel did a fabulous job explaining the differences between litigation and mediation, the need for financial planning as […]

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