Guest Post: Being Blood-Related Doesn’t Preclude a Family Bond

Today’s post is brought to you by Jenny Ellis, who contacted me a few weeks ago with a request to write something for Relative Evolutions. After some discussion regarding content, Jenny agreed to write a piece discussing the bonds that can exist between family members who aren’t related by blood. As Stepmother’s Day approaches, I thought the timing was perfect. Here’s Jenny…

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Divorced Dads- What’s Your Opinion?

I spend a lot of time discussing the female side of divorce and stepfamily issues. I’ve talked about my journey as the partner of a divorced dad and I’ve invited conversation from The Mom’s perspective…. among other posts. And throughout the life of this blog, I’ve gotten some much-appreciated input from men about these issues.

Tonight, I’m thinking about stepfathers…

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Your Opinion: A Good Parent??

I’ve heard it many times: “My ex doesn’t see the kids anymore because he/she is too involved with his/her new family.”

The explanations might vary. Perhaps distance is to blame… maybe Mom and Dad’s relationship was so volatile that one of them felt it necessary to disappear… or I guess it’s possible that the new tribe is just more fun/engaging/nice/etc.

In one family, this person is celebrated for his/her love and devotion. In another family, the same person is cursed for his/her lack of the same.

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