Sunday Song: The Best Days…

I know, I’m late with Saturday’s Song. I’m sorry. I was without internet access for most of the day yesterday. This is the first I’ve been able to sit down and put my laptop to work.

I have a list of songs prepared for this gig, but I’m not posting them in order. Each week I consider them and choose one that feels appropriate. Sometimes the one I pick isn’t even on my list. This week’s song was on the radio as I entered my house a few minutes ago- the timing was perfect.

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Social Media And The Separation

The second part of my social media series has to do with the breakup process. What is the appropriate way to handle a divorce on the social scene?

I’ve seen countless status updates to say that individuals have gone from being some form of “coupled” to “single”. Sometimes those updates are accompanied by a personal note to offer more details about the situation or the feelings around the event. I suppose I understand the need for a public announcement. Sometimes it’s easier to say it once on Facebook than having to reiterate the same scenario countless times in person, on the phone or through individual emails.

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Saturday’s Song… Westbound

This week’s song is one that actually inspired me to get out of town. Actually, I’m quite often inspired to get out of town… but this song propelled me westward. Before beginning the Saturday Song Project, I hadn’t thought much about it… I wasn’t even reminded of it last year when I visited San Francisco on business. Yet, when I considered a list of music to get you through the weekend, it was one of the first that came to mind.

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Saturday’s Song: The Mary Tyler Moore Theme

The night before my senior year of high school began, my orange-haired, freckled boyfriend dumped me. It was, like, The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me (omg, what was I thinking? It feels terribly silly now!). Lucky for me, I had supportive family and friends to help me through the trauma (ugh, traum!?! I can’t believe that’s how I felt about it!!). And late at night, when they were sleeping, I had Mary Tyler Moore reruns.

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A New DAWNe: Divorce Ceremonies

As humans, we learn, grow, celebrate and let go through the process of ceremonious events to mark major occasions. The announcement of a new life is punctuated with a baby shower and later, a baptism… we have a ritual to follow when children lose teeth… there are birthday parties… graduations… weddings… anniversary festivities… and funerals. And yet there is no traditional event to mark the end of a partnership. There is no recognized period of mourning, no ceremony to honor what was and welcome what is to become. When a marriage ends, a family is left fumbling in the fallout. Without ritualistic guidelines, rabid emotions reign supreme and often drive the process into a hellish downward spiral.

It’s been more than two years since I first wrote a post suggesting divorce ceremonies be part of the evolutionary process for a family. And it’s been two weeks since I wrote about my experience at the Divorce Expo where I met Teresa Dedovich, who performs ceremonies for those moving on from a concluded relationship. Because I feel this is so important, I followed up with Teresa the week after the expo and we spoke more about the “life reconciliation” services she offers. Below you can find her personal story of the origin of her idea and name for her ministry…

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