Saturday’s Song: Blow Me One Last Kiss

Lately, when seeking through radio stations in the car, I’ve often landed on a segment of today’s song. Earlier this week, I heard the line, “there’s nothing to grasp, so I let go” and I decided to whip out my phone and use the Shazam app to ID the title and artist. I should’ve recognized P!nk’s voice and her *voice*.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And here’s to those of you who are walking away from a bad situation….

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Saturday’s Song: Is There Life Out There?

Yesterday I received a message from a reader, thanking me for the post I published on Thursday. She recently embarked on her own marital separation and, in her reflection, she found many of the same things to be true for herself. She also mentioned that Reba McEntire’s song Is There Life Out There really speaks to her these days. I replied and said that I could fill a Divorce Mixed Tape (showing my age?) with Reba Songs.

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