Stitch kit

Stitching My Life Together

This post isn’t about divorce. Not precisely, anyway. When I was married the first time, my then-husband expected me to perform more domestic “wifely duties,” and I refused. I still refuse (thankfully, Husband #2 is much more accepting of this trait). My house isn’t spotless. I don’t enjoy cooking. I don’t feel at home in the garden. In general, I find domestic chores to be an annoyance, at best. But today something funny happened. I was changing the sheets on my bed. After wrestling with the fitted sheet (a task which caused me to curse more than once), I spread […]

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Crescent Lunge

What a Crescent Lunge Taught Me About Love

One Saturday morning in a yoga class, I rose into a crescent lunge and prepared to bend back, possibly far enough to peek at the wall behind me. “Sink into your hips, and build the pose,” my teacher instructed.  She explained how important it is to ground down in order to feel the energy rise up.  She stressed strength in the core as she told us to grow taller on the inhale and open our hearts as we exhaled.  (in yoga, as in life, “Inhale:  grow taller.  Exhale:  go deeper.)  “Don’t just jack your back,” she cautioned.  “You’ll hurt yourself.” […]

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The Stories of Our Lives

Once upon a time, there lived a couple named Jack and Janice. Jack and Janice were both well-educated individuals with high-paying jobs. They lived in a beautiful home they built themselves, nestled in the woods and surrounded by hiking trails they’d cut with their own tools.

After eight years of marriage, Jack made friends with a younger woman at the gym.

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Leaving The Future Behind

Last weekend I attended an event which featured a walking meditation. As we walked, we were instructed to notice our breath and our movement. We kept going, and were told to imagine the past, our ancestors, stretched before us as if we were following in their footsteps… And then we were told to imagine the future behind us.

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Guest Post: My Life, Amplified

Today I’m happy to share with you a guest post from Jolene, author of Determined To Be. I’ve been following Jolene for about three years (years?? already???)… through her singledom, job change, dating adventures, etc… Jolene is a shining example of how a divorcee can be a victor instead of victim of one’s circumstances. I’m proud to know her and I’m delighted to share her inspirational (yet totally *real*) story here (and for the record, all images are her choosing)… enjoy!

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