The Right Thing is… Painful

A few weeks ago, I watched the movie, The Vicious Kind.  In a closing scene, an adulterous and alienating father stops short of confessing and apologizing to his youngest son. “Sometimes people do things that they know are wrong,” he began.  “But they just do them anyway.  Because to do the right thing would be too painful.” His explanation grabbed me and left me contemplating the words for days.   It wasn’t entirely a new concept for me.  For years, I’ve been touting the phrase, “hurting people hurt people.”  But… this was… different. “To do the right thing would be too […]

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Affairs, Apologies and Opinions

Last month, Rielle Hunter apologized for her affair with John Edwards.  She also announced a new book— a kind of amendment to her first book, in which she annotates her regrets.  The announcement was met with mixed reviews. Some cheered for Ms. Hunter’s public act, while others suggested her effort was too little, too late.  Personally, I’m of the opinion that her apology to the masses was a courageous move.  I do question her sincerity, given the fact that she stands to profit from this endeavor.  … And I also think that what we think doesn’t much matter. Once upon […]

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Book: The High Road Has Less Traffic

Recently, I tore through (not literally, of course) “The High Road Has Less Traffic: Honest Advice On The Path Through Love And Divorce”, by Monique Honaman. And I loved it.

Throughout the 142 pages Monique tells her personal divorce story, beginning with her husband’s “pronouncement” that he no longer wanted to be with her…. all the way through her personal happy ending. Along the way, she touches on those things we all deal with: telling people, learning to be single and acting mildly insane.

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