A Post-Divorce Letter to The Ex

The subject of today’s post comes from an old friend of mine and regular reader of Relative Evolutions.  A few years ago, Lauren made the difficult decision to leave her marriage.  Today, she reflects on her journey in the following letter to The Ex…   Dear You, Three years have gone by since I rocked your world, blindsided you, and probably broke your heart. Please know that my decision to leave was largely based on my discontent with myself, and had little to do with you.  I firmly believe that if you don’t love yourself, you can’t possibly love someone […]

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Mother’s Day Gratitude

I signed on to Facebook last night and saw the following status from a friend of mine:

“Thank you to my wonderful sons for making my mother’s day very special. Thank you also to my husband who has shared this journey with me.”

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Your Opinion: A Good Parent??

I’ve heard it many times: “My ex doesn’t see the kids anymore because he/she is too involved with his/her new family.”

The explanations might vary. Perhaps distance is to blame… maybe Mom and Dad’s relationship was so volatile that one of them felt it necessary to disappear… or I guess it’s possible that the new tribe is just more fun/engaging/nice/etc.

In one family, this person is celebrated for his/her love and devotion. In another family, the same person is cursed for his/her lack of the same.

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Does It Really Matter?

Divorce makes people a little nutty. It can make us identify so strongly with our delicate feelings that we behave in a nonsensical manner. As if even the tiniest incident deserves our full attention. As if every word needs to be met with a rebuttal. As if every minor drama is The Fight of Your Life… The following story is an easy example. It’s true. Minor details have been changed to protect individual privacy.

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