Is Joint Custody Best?

I’ve seen a lot of headlines about states that are moving towards automatic joint custody for divorced parents. And there’s always a lot of cheers… and a lot of jeers. This is big news in the communities devoted to Fathers’ Rights. Men usually cheer because this prescription will save fathers a lengthy and expensive court battle if they want to share parenting time equally with their ex. The women’s communities are a bit more divided on this issue of 50/50 joint custody. Some women strongly believe their children are not safe with their ex. They insist, for the wellbeing of the children, […]

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The Brangelina Divorce Broke My Heart

I was never a huge fan of Brangelina, though there were elements about the couple that I found charming. I liked the fact that they’d adopted children. I thought it was cool that Shiloh was born in Africa and later they were so accepting of her desire to be called “John.” I found their wedding story to be incredibly sweet. They’d been together a long time (especially in Hollywood Years) and they’d weathered plenty of tabloid storms. Still, I never quite fell under their spell. I knew they weren’t especially special nor magical. Brad and Angelina were simply two human beings sharing their lives. […]

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Just Venting #3: Who Says?

I should go ahead an apologize to the moms right now: I’m sorry this week’s posts are so anti-female. I do realize the Bad Guy can be of either gender.

That being said, the next inflammatory remark I’d like to comment on is this one:

“[Mom] was willing to let [Dad] have [child] every other weekend, but that wasn’t good enough for him. [Dad] is making it an ugly divorce because he won’t agree and now they’ll probably end up in court.”

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Just Venting #1

I’m feeling extremely irritated by some comments I’ve heard recently. I think I’m irritated enough to write a series this week about the statements and how I feel about them. For starters…

“Dad wants increased custody. But it’s only because he wants to pay less child support. So now Mom can’t get a job.”

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