Striving For Zen-ness…

I think I’m done venting for the time being. Thank you for bearing with me through my momentary madness.

Today I encountered the following poem and have decided to share it in an effort to turn this literary mood to a more peaceful state. If I’d remembered this gem a few days ago, I could’ve saved myself a bunch of angry outbursts…

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Just Venting #3: Who Says?

I should go ahead an apologize to the moms right now: I’m sorry this week’s posts are so anti-female. I do realize the Bad Guy can be of either gender.

That being said, the next inflammatory remark I’d like to comment on is this one:

“[Mom] was willing to let [Dad] have [child] every other weekend, but that wasn’t good enough for him. [Dad] is making it an ugly divorce because he won’t agree and now they’ll probably end up in court.”

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DVD: “Welcome Back, Pluto”

Last night I watched “Welcome Back, Pluto”, a DVD about parental alienation from Dr. Richard Warshak. As I’ve mentioned before, PA is a subject I feel quite strongly about, so I was overjoyed to hear this gem existed. I bought it right away.

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Where Does The Line Lie?

Last week, I overheard one woman tell another, “I’m having a hard time with him lately. When he goes to his dad’s, it’s anything goes. Then when he comes back to me he doesn’t listen and has a horrible attitude. And I have to be the bad guy.”

This past weekend, I heard a father (different family entirely) say, “I get so little time with my kids. I don’t want to spend it enforcing rules! I want them to be carefree and have fun so they have happy memories of their visits with me.”

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