The Stepmother: What Do You Really Know About Her?

Have I ever mentioned the Co-Parenting Matters Blog Talk Radio show? Shame on me if I haven’t. Co-Parenting Matters is hosted by Deesha and Mike from Co-Parenting 101 as well as Taliba Mbonisi of WeParent. On Sunday nights, they feature appropriate guests to discuss issues related to effective co-parenting.

Last night’s show centered on Stepmothers. Earlier in the week, Deesha interviewed Wednesday Martin, PhD, author of the book Stepmoster: A New Look At Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel and Act the Way We Do. During the show, the hosts were joined by Sherry Thomas, Heather Hetchler (Café Smom) and Brigette Lemos-Norman (In the Blender). The panel tackled myths, expectations and struggles.

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Defenses = Damage

Have I ever mentioned that I’m one of those nerdy people who listens to audiobooks in the car? I am. Recently, I was listening to an old Deepak Chopra book and he was discussing the concept of aging- or rather, not aging. He stated that healthy relationships are a key to our longevity. And when discussing how to maintain healthy relationships, he suggested letting down our defenses. Because when you are defenseless, you are invincible (what? Isn’t that like letting people walk all over you?). When you are defenseless, there is nothing to attack (Oh, ok… now I get it).

In contemplating this, I am reminded of an argument I overheard several years ago…

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