Divorce Resolutions

New Year’s offers everyone the opportunity to make a fresh start. With the stress of the holidays behind them, many unhappily married individuals will seek legal counsel in the coming year. It’s a big step that usually comes after months or years of utter misery. While the first step is often celebratory, we shouldn’t forget that The Road To a Decree can be long, windy and exhausting. Some personal rules, developed with a healthy ending in mind, can have a positive impact on the process. To those who have resolved to Start Over Without Him/Her in 2013, I’d like to suggest some additional resolutions, specific to your divorce…

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My Experience At The Divorce Expo

Last weekend, I attended the Start Over Smart Divorce Expo. It was the first in the region, so it’s kinda like I became part of a major historical event. I hope the idea catches on because the event was fabulous, on so many levels.

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Being Smart About Starting Over

For those of you who’ve followed my blog long enough, you might recall how happy I was to discover a Divorce Fair in Canada a couple years ago.

I’m now ecstatic that this phenomenon has moved to the US… and even better, there’s one close enough for me to visit (I am such a divorce nerd)!

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Divorced Dads- What’s Your Opinion?

I spend a lot of time discussing the female side of divorce and stepfamily issues. I’ve talked about my journey as the partner of a divorced dad and I’ve invited conversation from The Mom’s perspective…. among other posts. And throughout the life of this blog, I’ve gotten some much-appreciated input from men about these issues.

Tonight, I’m thinking about stepfathers…

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The D-Spot Teleclass

On March 23, Meredith and I participated in a teleclass with Laura Campbell, founder of the D-Spot community for divorced/divorcing women. If you didn’t get a chance to join us live, you can listen here. The recording is just under an hour long.

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