Documentary: Divorce Corp

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been super-excited to see the movie Divorce Corp since I found out about it a few weeks ago.  Initially, I was planning a 2.5 hour road trip to see the film at the closest location.  Thankfully, due to popular demand (probably thanks to Dr. Drew’s interview on CNN), it opened in a nearby theater and I was able to see the movie last night. Divorce Corp takes a painful look at the way we typically handle divorce in the US.  Through interviews with lawyers, judges, custody evaluators and victims of […]

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Gina’s Diary: Dad’s Moving Out

When people ask, I tell them that “The D-Word” is not my personal story. And, that’s true. However, there are elements of it that were taken from my experiences throughout my parents’ divorce. Like Gina, I was also told of my father’s departure while on my way to what was supposed to be a fun summer vacation.

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Guest Post: Familial Evolution

This guest post comes from David Williams, who is sharing this story on behalf of a family member who can offer a full picture of divorce through her parents’ divorce and her own…

Familial Evolution – Perspectives on Divorce from Child to Mother

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Gina’s Diary: Man Of The House

After my dad moved out, I prided myself on being the new “Man Of The House”. I quickly learned a little bit about all the tools we had lying around and I started keeping the hammer in my bedroom so that I was assured the honor of being the one to use it should the need arise.

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Gina’s Diary: Dad’s Girlfriend

I’ve read that men typically recouple first in the aftermath of a divorce. That was true in my case, after my parents split up…

My dad was the one who told me about his girlfriend, after I answered the phone and heard a strange female voice asking for him. I remember feeling slightly shocked by the news. It was only a month or two after my dad moved out and I was still adjusting to the new living arrangements. I didn’t expect my parents to start dating so quickly. I’m not sure if I expected them to start dating at all.

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