total eclipse

Divorce And The Solar Eclipse

I was about ten years old when I learned the definition of a “solar eclipse”. As my teacher described how the sun, moon and Earth align to create the phenomenon, I stared in awe at a photo in my science book. I was amazed, and I wanted to see it in person. Yesterday, I did. Since the event, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting. Like so many other things in nature, I thought about the eclipse as a metaphor, and I drew parallels to human relationships… The sun and moon are kind of like a divorced couple. You might say they’re the parents […]

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Author Interview with Lisa Thomson

Recently, I read The Great Escape:  A Girl’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage by Lisa Thomson. As you might have guessed by the title, The Great Escape provides a lot of hints and tips for women looking to start a new, unmarried, chapter of their lives. I found the book to be both relatable as well as informative. Today, I’m excited to share an interview with Lisa Thomson. Let’s get to it… Lisa, thanks for taking some time for an interview with Relative Evolutions. Your book, The Great Escape: A Girl’s Guide to Leaving a Marriage is the perfect blend […]

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wedding cupcakes

What if We Did Divorce Like We Do Marriage?

Previously, I asked the question, “What if we did marriage the way we do divorce?” The situation was somewhat silly, as the post was meant to inspire consideration. My true intention was to introduce a new question: What if we did divorce like we do marriage? Let’s start by reviewing a traditional wedding… when a couple plans their ceremony, they consult with various professionals. It’s likely they’ll visit multiple locations before deciding where to hold the event. They’ll spend some time at a bakery. They’ll price a few potential caterers and florists. Quite often, couples meet with a spiritual leader […]

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Book: Daughters of Divorce

As a child of divorced parents, the book, Daughters of Divorce, Overcome the Legacy of Your Parents’ Breakup and Enjoy a Happy, Long-Lasting Relationship, was intriguing to me. So when Terry Gaspard sent me a copy, I was excited to dive in. Daughters of Divorce is an easy-to-follow resource for women navigating relationships after a trying childhood. The beginning features a personal introduction and overview of what’s to come, and each chapter focuses on a step in the process of repairing old damages and enjoying positive romantic relationships. Throughout the book, the authors cite studies from known researchers including Judith Wallerstein, […]

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Thanksgiving And Divorce

From the time I was very young, my closest extended family members were a minimum two-hour drive away.  With the exception of vacations, I saw them only on holidays and special occasions. Before my parents divorced, we had a routine for this time of year:  Thanksgiving was always spent with my dad’s family, and we alternated Christmases between my mom’s and dad’s families. After the divorce, I assumed my holiday schedule would remain the same, and it did.  For me, keeping the same routine was important for two reasons: In the beginning, there was a comfort in keeping the same […]

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