Book: The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

Earlier in the summer, late on a Friday afternoon, I received the following text message from a friend:

“Went to the library and decided it’s a self-help book weekend. I thought you would like this quote from one, ‘the heart that is broken has been broken open’, about being open now to transformation. Sounded interesting.”

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Sunday Song: The Best Days…

I know, I’m late with Saturday’s Song. I’m sorry. I was without internet access for most of the day yesterday. This is the first I’ve been able to sit down and put my laptop to work.

I have a list of songs prepared for this gig, but I’m not posting them in order. Each week I consider them and choose one that feels appropriate. Sometimes the one I pick isn’t even on my list. This week’s song was on the radio as I entered my house a few minutes ago- the timing was perfect.

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Social Media And The Separation

The second part of my social media series has to do with the breakup process. What is the appropriate way to handle a divorce on the social scene?

I’ve seen countless status updates to say that individuals have gone from being some form of “coupled” to “single”. Sometimes those updates are accompanied by a personal note to offer more details about the situation or the feelings around the event. I suppose I understand the need for a public announcement. Sometimes it’s easier to say it once on Facebook than having to reiterate the same scenario countless times in person, on the phone or through individual emails.

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Saturday’s Song: The Mary Tyler Moore Theme

The night before my senior year of high school began, my orange-haired, freckled boyfriend dumped me. It was, like, The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me (omg, what was I thinking? It feels terribly silly now!). Lucky for me, I had supportive family and friends to help me through the trauma (ugh, traum!?! I can’t believe that’s how I felt about it!!). And late at night, when they were sleeping, I had Mary Tyler Moore reruns.

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