The Second Saturday Program

The first time I heard about the Second Saturday program was a few months ago when I received a LinkedIn connection request from Second Saturday Central Mass. I looked into it and saw that it was a monthly program for individuals embarking on their divorce journey, and I was intrigued… But then I got distracted and forgot about it for a while.

I was reminded again, last month, when I was planning a trip to Cape Cod. Staring at the calendar, I noticed I’d be on vacation over the second weekend in May. Second weekend… Second Saturday! I consulted the web to get some more information. I learned that Second Saturday is a nationwide program which takes place at countless locations across the country. I also learned that the Central MA location was only a two-hour drive from where I’d be staying on the Cape. I could work that in to my trip.

So I did… I arrived at the office in Westborough in time for the 9am start of the program on May 14. The program hosts were Polly Tatum, an attorney and mediator, and Pedro Silva, an Investment Executive and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

second saturdayPolly spoke first. She provided an overview of the divorce options and processes in Massachusetts. She also discussed child support, alimony, custody and insurance. Polly was extremely knowledgeable and patiently answered a plethora of questions from the audience. I was fascinated and took a lot of notes— there are many differences between MA and PA.

Next up, Pedro talked about the financial side of Divorce. He reminded attendees to act, not react, and to keep their emotions out of their transactions (such good advice!). He also noted the financial documentation that will be needed as couples travel through the separation process (tax returns, investment statements, pay stubs, etc), and he reminded the group to review all beneficiary designations.

Overall, I thought the program was a fantastic value. I paid $25 for three hours with skilled professionals who not only provided useful information but they also answered individual questions. If I was preparing for a divorce in Massachusetts, I’d be feeling pretty empowered right now.

And did I mention it was only $25?

For more information, check out Second Saturday on the web. Here’s hoping there’s a workshop near you.



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