Boarding School

Metaphorical True Story:

I started snowboarding the weekend after Christmas 2008. It was a rough start, yet I’ve improved quite a bit since that first lesson. I’ve always been very straight on the board… very conscious of every move I make… determined to remain upright…. and a bit freaked out by an uneven terrain. Earlier this week I started going faster and even tried the half-pipe. My confidence bumped up a notch.

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Divorce Gifts!

I’m so excited… yesterday I discovered Canada’s Divorce Fair.  Today I found out that a store in London is now accepting Divorce Registries (this, on the heels of the Divorce Vouchers)! Why don’t we have these things in the US? (Probably because there’s nationwide concern among a certain segment of the population that the availability of such options will sensationalize divorce.  And, we don’t want to do anything else to suggest the eroding sanctity of marriage….  Nevermind the unreasonable sensationalizing of marriage itself which is likely responsible for countless deficient marriages destined to become those divorces we want to avoid…. […]

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