Stories From the Salon

I got my hair trimmed tonight. It was a much-needed trip to the salon and I needed to get about 2 inches get rid of all the damage I’ve done since my last visit… I think that was in October. But this isn’t about my level of neglect towards my mane.

While I was in the chair, I was participating in that typical salontalk with my stylist, Diane (not her real name, of course). I told her all about Divorce Coach Training and the great books I’ve read about my favorite subject. She told me about a client of hers who got divorced…

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Does It Really Matter?

Divorce makes people a little nutty. It can make us identify so strongly with our delicate feelings that we behave in a nonsensical manner. As if even the tiniest incident deserves our full attention. As if every word needs to be met with a rebuttal. As if every minor drama is The Fight of Your Life… The following story is an easy example. It’s true. Minor details have been changed to protect individual privacy.

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Shout Out: “Thank You!”

I’d like to take a moment to express my appreciation for Mandy over at Since My Divorce. A few weeks ago, Mandy took some time to interview me (me?!?!) and over the past week, she posted a series about The Divorce Encouragist on her site.

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