Your Opinion Please: Partners of Co-Parents

I’m somewhat fascinated by people who think negatively of their ex’s partner– or even the idea of a new partner. If Mr./Ms. Smith has such bad taste in (wo)men, what does that say about Mr./Ms. Smith’s ex-wife/husband? (am I offending anyone?) The phenomenon seems to occur more often when children are involved- I suppose because one parent feels they are being protective. Is it protective? Or damaging?

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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled…

… “Random Rantings of a Passionate Divorcee” to bring you the news that I have been tagged as recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award!  Twice!  I’d like to express my gratitude to Mandy at Since My Divorce and Lauren at My Life Incomplete for bestowing this honor upon me. When Lauren wrote about the award, she recounted a curious scenario in which she was awarded the honor twice and each came with different rules.  Lauren wants to know, “Where did this award come from?”  I wouldn’t mind knowing the origin myself.  I’d also like to note that it seems a […]

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How Do Kids Define the F-Word?

Today, a co-worker excitedly asked me if I subscribe to HBO. I don’t.

She went on to tell me that she watched a Rosie O’Donnell program on HBO called “A Family Is A Family Is A Family”. She said it was a great show and she thought of me right away when she saw it.

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