Saturday’s Song… Movin’ On

I was reminded of this song a few weeks ago while having dinner with an old friend. She’s at a crossroads in her life, considering a major move, and she quoted some of the lyrics to explain her feelings about the situation.

I always thought of I’m Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts as a sad song. The pace of it is slow and it’s full of reflection on a regretful past. Yet, it’s also about looking forward. Hope isn’t lost when you’re able to move on…

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Movie: An Unmarried Woman

Last weekend it snowed in my area. Boyfriend and I had plans to go away for the weekend, but given the weather forecast we decided to stay home instead. The unexpected down time afforded us several hours to lounge in front of the TV with lots of cookies and ice cream.

While scanning the menu for something to watch, we stumbled upon the movie An Unmarried Woman. Naturally, I found the title to be intriguing, so Boyfriend pushed the play button.

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Fresh Paint: An Allegory

Last weekend, I stayed home alone while Boyfriend and the boys visited his parents. It was all very suspicious: Why didn’t I want to come along? Had his mother offended me? What was I planning to do in their absence?

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Stepmother’s Day

Who else learned today that Stepmother’s Day is on Sunday? This official (unofficial) holiday addresses some questions I posed in my last entry- whether or not partners of parents wish to be recognized in the lives of their partner’s children.

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