Appropriate Poetry

In August of 2001, I traveled to Charlotte North Carolina with a friend of mine. We spent several days in the city, checking out the area and the people. We even investigated a few apartment complexes because we loved the place enough to consider relocating. The thing I remember most was a giant yellow chair. It must’ve been been part of a local art exhibit- there were chairs randomly placed around the downtown area, each of them decorated in a different manner.

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Book: Sarah, Plain and Tall

Sarah, Plain and Tall was written by Patricia MacLachlan, published in 1985 and awarded the Newberry Medal. The thin paperback was part of my book collection for more than 25 years (that long? really???) before I finally plucked it from the masses and started turning the pages last weekend. I suppose it was fate- I hadn’t read it until I could understand much more of it. And now I can share it with you.

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Saturday’s Song: Already Gone

May 24 was the anniversary of the night my husband said we should separate. Six years ago this weekend, I walked through a street fair with an old friend and told him, “I’m still sleeping and eating, so I know I’m ok.”

All of this reminds me of the song that was my personal anthem (well, one of them) during that period of my life and I thought it would be fitting to share it here today. I love this song because it represents the power that we have to take control of a situation instead of simply letting things happen to us.

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Saturday’s Song: Independent Women

I was reminded of this song earlier in the week when reading an article from Time about how Gotye’s Somebody The I Used To Know stacks up against other breakup songs. The article doesn’t mention this song in particular. Instead Beyonce’s Single Ladies is noted on the list of well-known breakup anthems. It was that song that reminded me of this one.

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Saturday’s Song: Speechless Summer

Today’s song was submitted by one of my readers, yay 🙂

I never would have picked this song myself… partially because I’d never heard it and also because I prefer songs that are accompanied by words (I can’t “hear” the music the way musically-inclined people can). Due to the fact that we’re going lyric-less today, I give you a video only for Joe Satriani’s Summer Song. Outside my house the skies are blue and the air is warm. I suppose this is an appropriate feel-good song to listen to while I mow my grass…

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