Encouraging Stepmoms

Did you know that today is National Day of Encouragement? I didn’t, until I read this post from Heather at Cafe Smom. Heather suggested that, since stepmoms need a lot of encouragement, she and her readers should pledge to encourage these women in particular today.

So, I took the pledge. Stepmoms, the following is for you…

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Co-Parenting Matters: StepMom Roundtable

Last night I had the honor of being a guest on the BlogTalkRadio show, Co-Parenting Matters. The topic of the show was “StepMom’s Roundtable” and it was all about…. you guessed it, “stepmoms”. Other guests included Heather Hetchler of Cafe Smom and host of The StepMom Connection, Brigette Lemos-Norman, author of Step In The Blender and Brenda Ockun, founder of StepMom Magazine.

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The D-Spot Teleclass

On March 23, Meredith and I participated in a teleclass with Laura Campbell, founder of the D-Spot community for divorced/divorcing women. If you didn’t get a chance to join us live, you can listen here. The recording is just under an hour long.

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Who Built The Wall?

Yesterday, I hopped on Facebook and discovered this in my news feed:

“i am amazed that what hindered me from having the relationship that i always wanted was myself and all that i couldn’t see clearly. it opens my eyes to other areas where i feel like i can’t achieve what i dream of, feeling like i can’t find the source of the giant wall between me and my goals, and makes me swallow a little hard realizing that the wall-builder is me.”

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What is a Mom?

During our debate yesterday, a commenter at Now Is Good suggested that a father’s significant other could “play mom” and therefore invade Mom’s territory or otherwise strain relationships. I responded in the comment thread, but I thought this might be worthy of a full post, so here it is…

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