I’m Not Bitter. I’m on a Mission.

Last month, this happened… “I don’t understand why people do it,” a man told me.  “I’ve been married for more than thirty years, and even during the worst of times I never considered divorce.” “That’s great,” I congratulated him. “We had some bad times,” he assured me.  “But I never wanted to live without her.” “And that’s the difference,” I explained.  “There were times when I would rather have died than continue to live in my marriage.” As his mind opened, his face changed from a countenance of confidence to one of humble sympathy.  If our conversation had been a […]

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Divorce and the Talking Dog

The December before my parents got divorced, they adopted a puppy.  Dekker was my Christmas present, and I couldn’t have been happier.  I wanted him to sleep in bed with me, but he was too small to go up the stairs.  My parents didn’t want him on the furniture, so I slept on the living room floor to be with him overnight. As his puppiness progressed, he went from being a tiny and quiet ball of fur to an active and destructive young lad.  In the Spring, he dug and chewed the linoleum floor in the kitchen. “We might not […]

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Guest Post: Familial Evolution

This guest post comes from David Williams, who is sharing this story on behalf of a family member who can offer a full picture of divorce through her parents’ divorce and her own…

Familial Evolution – Perspectives on Divorce from Child to Mother

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Gina’s Diary: The Holidays

Gina’s obviously stressing about the holidays. And it’s no wonder- holidays can be tough for children with divorced parents, especially the first year of separation. She brings up a few issues that are fairly common, and I know I struggled with them…

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Gina’s Diary: Dad’s Girlfriend

I’ve read that men typically recouple first in the aftermath of a divorce. That was true in my case, after my parents split up…

My dad was the one who told me about his girlfriend, after I answered the phone and heard a strange female voice asking for him. I remember feeling slightly shocked by the news. It was only a month or two after my dad moved out and I was still adjusting to the new living arrangements. I didn’t expect my parents to start dating so quickly. I’m not sure if I expected them to start dating at all.

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