Dis-Solving Conflict From Within, An Interview with Henry Yampolsky

I encountered Henry Yampolsky for the first time in a Facebook Group where he posted a link to a workshop he was offering. I was intrigued by his work in conflict resolution, and a few months later we met in person. Upon learning more about Henry’s story and the work he does, I was eager to delve deeper and help him spread his message. I think his approach can be especially powerful for those going through divorce (as well as for the professionals helping those going through divorce).

As you’ll hear in the video below, Henry used to be a trial lawyer… and now he’s not. Not even close. Over a period of years, Henry made a massive personal shift in his life. He’s a different person now, with different vision and goals. His is the kind of transformation that might cause a couple to divorce, though, in his case, he and his wife are walking this new path together.

Henry’s new outlook features more of an inward focus when it comes to handling the conflict in our lives. No longer does he stand in a courtroom and argue against an adversary about who should “win.” Instead, he created the Living Peace Institute, where he works to empower people to sit… to breathe… to be here now… and to realize the power in letting go of what’s outside.

Because the “fire” we’re fighting in conflict exists inside of us, not somewhere else.

I know that might sound a little crazy, right? How often do we deal with others (our exes) who ignite matches and fan the flames of conflict and drama? While that might be true, the fire we fight is the one within us. That’s what Dis-Solving Conflict From Within is all about. Henry explains it all here…

I’m excited to attend Henry’s next workshop in Philadelphia on July 28. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll consider joining us. You can sign up here.

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