If a Good Divorce is Possible, Why Not Stay Married?

I hear the question all the time, “Well, if two people can have an amicable divorce then why don’t they stay married?”

I suppose it’s a reasonable question.

In order to answer it, I ask that you take a mental voyage with me.  Let’s go to a playground full of frolicking children…

It’s a hot, sunny day and a group of kids are having a discussion.

Child #1 points to the sky.  “That cloud looks like a bowl of ice cream.”

Child #2 exclaims, “I love ice cream!”

Child #3, in a sing-songy voice, replies, “Then why don’t you marry it?”

You’ve heard that one right?  And it’s a positively ridiculous suggestion, is it not?

Lifelong commitments simply aren’t that simple.

ice cream










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