My 2013 Word Of Intention

(I know I’m a few days late with this, but I kinda wanted to see if I could hold onto the idea for at least a few days before I published it….)

Words are powerful

In the middle of December, I began toying with the idea of choosing a Word Of Intention for 2013.  I heard of this practice for the first time last year when Brene Brown chose the word “light” for 2012, and I thought it was rather interesting.

As New Year’s Eve came and went, I did nothing to officially choose a word.  I wasn’t fully set on one in particular at that point, as there were a handful of them swimming through my consciousness.  At 1:00 on New Year’s Day, I attended a yoga class.  At the beginning of class, I sat on my mat and listened to my teacher talk about intentions, obstacles, opportunities and new beginnings.  As we began to settle in for our practice, she asked us to choose a word.  And there was my sign.  The word that came to mind was “nourish”.  I’d found myself using it a lot lately, and it seemed to fit perfectly at that moment.

In 2013, I vow to nourish…

my body.

my mind.

my spirit.

my career.

my environment.

my relationships.

Furthermore, I intend to be a nourishing presence to those whose paths cross mine.  This year, I’m opening (even more) to love, light, healing, gratitude, forgiveness, activity, new opportunities to learn, new friends to be made, more spinach and less chocolate.

Happy New Year, everyone!  What’s your word?

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