Gina’s Diary: Man Of The House

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After my dad moved out, I prided myself on being the new “Man Of The House”.  I quickly learned a little bit about all the tools we had lying around and I started keeping the hammer in my bedroom so that I was assured the honor of being the one to use it should the need arise.  I remember, our screen porch door was broken and my dad told me how to fill the stripped screw holes with toothpicks and wood glue to remedy the situation.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever actually fixed the problem, we just dealt with the door as it was… but, I knew the trick.  And I just felt better (stronger, more grown-up? more secure?) knowing.

I’m not sure how prevalent this line of thinking is.  Are boys more apt to step up and feel the pressure of being Mr Fix It?  Is it because I was the oldest?  Is it because I’ve always been very independent and I just kinda like hammers?  I’m not sure… does anyone else have any experience?

  • Have you noticed a shift in your children’s Home Improvement Habits since your divorce?
  • Is this “Man Of The House” issue something that parents typically address when discussing divorce with their children?
  • Should it be something that is addressed when talking about what will happen after Mom and Dad separate?
  • Does this speak to a larger issue concerning roles in an evolving family?


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  1. Hi Tara. I think the oldest child often feels responsible when one or both parents don’t fulfill their duties and promises. And yes, I think it should be discussed.

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